BJP actively pushes for BBMP Polls in HSR Layout

The BBMP Today pushed quite a bit for its luck in BBMP Polls in HSR Layout by doing lots of door to door campaigning. One could see hordes of supporters urging residents to vote for BJP to bring about a change in the system again. What is still surprising is that neither AAP nor LokSatta has a similar push within the locality this time. The only other contender Congress, meanwhile has not bothered to do any sort of canvassing yet.

iCentre opens in HSR Layout

After rather a long wait, HSR Layout now has its own brand new apple experience store - the iCentre. All over Bengaluru from Koramangala, to Indiranagar to Jayanagar to Malleswaram Ample Technogies India Limited were running their apple stores called iMagine stores which are now very popular. HSR Layout now has its own iCentre which will cater to our own layout for all your apple needs. At the time of writing the blog it seems that the iCentre spans across two floors, and they would be offering both sales and service. We will provide an update shortly once more clarity emerges. For now this centre is next to Little Boss kids store, on 27th Main.